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I know what an ordeal it can be to have a fungal skin infection. I asked about it every time I went to the doctor, and they just kept giving me clotrimazole. One gave me prescription cream for scabies, just to see if it would help I guess. I had to cover my whole body with this itchy white cream and keep it on overnight. It did nothing but make me red and itchy.

I remembered a few more home remedies I tried — blood root (externally), witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, different types of clay and herb masks, lavendar oil, iodine, black walnut, herbal balms, covering it in nail polish, pretty much anything you can think of! I washed my sheets and everything else in hot water to kill anything that could spread, and washed my hands constantly. And dandruff shampoo — i used to cover my body in it and stand freeezing in the shower waiting 15 minutes to rinse it off so it could work its magic. To no avail!

I’m so thankful I finally found out what’s wrong with me and found this site. Hopefully I never have to deal with any of that ever again!