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Hello anotheridol,

If you want to know the likely cause of your overgrowth it was likely the antibiotics. Antibiotics stand for “against life” and destroy both the beneficial and bad bacteria in your gut. This causes a flora imbalance in your intestines giving the candida room to grow. Probiotics stand for “pro life” and will introduce good bacteria to your gut. This is the single most important thing you will need to recover if you have candida.

The diet is expensive I must say but if you want to live healthier (symptom free), I highly recommend it. It may be hard to do in college with the food in the cafeteria so you will need to plan out how you are going to stick to the diet.

Take care and good luck.

Check out some dr. mcoomb’s if you want to be convinced of your symptoms:

Don’t follow his plan because it is ineffective, just listen to his information.

Also, the hair/scalp problem you mentioned sounds very much like ringworm which is athletes foot for the head. I recommend a dandruff shampoo with selenium sulfide a few days a week to help cure this infestation.