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Your diet looks pretty decent, but a few foods could be holding you back still.

Almonds give me problems, likely due to the mold content. Nuts, seeds, and mushrooms all contain mold and can give candida sufferers symptoms.

You could be allergic to eggs or intolerant to the sulfur content in eggs. I used to get rashes on the back of my neck whenever I ate more than a couple of eggs.

Oats contain gluten and can be problematic for some.

Since your rash got better after eliminating the starches (food for candida) it could be that your rash is tied to the severity of your yeast overgrowth and would continue to clear up if you eliminated the other sugars you are consuming (syrup, berries).

You have enough potentially problematic foods listed that it’s hard to say what’s triggering the rash for sure. If I were you I might go on an elimination diet and build your foods out from there. The idea is that you limit your diet to a list of foods sure to give you no problems and then slowly introduce foods one by one testing them to see if you have a reaction.

It’s also possible that the rash is being triggered by die-off, and will go away on it’s own after enough diet/antifungal/probiotic treatment.