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kodaz2005;52048 wrote:

Here’s an article that attempts to describe how everything, including heavy metals, candida, viruses, and methylation all fit together. It’s not scientifically written, more of an opinion piece, but still very good food for thought IMO.

My favorite snippet: “You won’t get rid of yeast until the heavy metals are gone. You won’t get rid of heavy metals until methylation is optimized and microbial infections are targeted. And you won’t completely get rid of infections until the immune system is balanced.”

Thomas, Thanks for posting the article is was excellent and really well thought out. Ironically when I noticed the first post regarding methylation on this forum at nearly the same time someone on another forum I had participated in brought the whole methylation angle to my attention.

Of course to do the methylation correctly you need the dna panel done. I was ready to order the panel and the FDA came out and shut down 23andme from conducting any new dna tests. As if I didn’t dislike them to begin with.

I would assume if the FDA has blocked 23andme that they have done the same to other type labs. Does anyone know of any labs outside the US that would offer the service? We all know the fda moves about as fast as LA traffic at rush hour.

You can still get your dna data, they just dont report your predisposition to diseases now.