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I would save tomatoes and pepers for phase 2 because they contain sugar and tomatoes are considered a fruit. If I were to eat tomatoes or peppers, I would eat them sparingly or in low amounts.

I tried quinoa myself and after 3 days of eating it I got a pretty bad reaction. Candida can adapt to foods that are not on the allowed foods list pretty easily and quinoa is a good example of a food where this is possible. I would consider rotating it with black/red rice and buckwheat so that the candida doesn’t get used to it. Of course, consider any of these test food items and try them seperately.

Garbanzo beans contain low amounts of starch and should be saved for phase 2 if you plan on eating them regularly. If you eat them every day, it can feed the candida. I used maybe 10-20 garbanzo’s on my salads and that is about it. Sesame seeds should be saved for phase 2 because they are a dried food item and contain molds.

The garlic should be OK and I am taking this as well.

Almond milk is also another iffy item that should be used sparingly or phase 2. Almonds contain molds like sesame seeds. If you soak the almonds and then make almond milk, there will be much less molds present when you make it.

I would consider either HMF Neuro which is a human derived probiotic that contains human micro flora (which binds to your intestinal walls better than any other probiotic) or megafoods which contains DDS-1. I just started the megafoods one and am pretty impressed.

For a great long term antifungal I would consider getting SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne research. It is an antifungal that candida cannot adapt to easy. The oregano oil is fine and I would stop the candida clear caps when the bottle is done. Another one to consider is grapefruit seed extract but will only be effective for a few weeks to months.