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No real die-off yet as far as I’m aware but it’s only been a couple of weeks since I started the diet, and I skipped the cleanse, so I guess it’s gonna take some time for the anti-fungals/probiotics to take effect and start working. Haven’t come across organic chicken or beef yet so it’s been regular chicken breasts so far, but I’ll start to cut down even though it’ll be hard initially.


Sadly, I’m not able to import megafoods probiotics because they won’t ship them over here, but I came across floraSMART 50 billion and 80 billion CFU probiotics which look pretty potent and contain a good few different strains. Only downside is that they are quite expensive. Not sure if you’ve heard of them or taken them before. It’s quite difficult to get hold of items where I’m currently located. Organic veggies and eggs are easy to find, but other things much less so, which is why I’m ordering all of my stuff from iherb.
I’ll look into the SF722 you mentioned. Does it matter if I take a bunch of different anti-fungals at the same time? Or should I take them one at a time for a couple weeks and then switch to another one?
I think the hardest part is not knowing what to eat and getting bored of eating eggs/veggies all the time. Guess I’ll have to make buckwheat bread as much as possible. How about using brown rice flour once in a while. Is that acceptable?