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Chlofloso wrote: I never mentioned that, but my boyfriend has been doing the whole Candida treatment/diet along with me (he started about two weeks after me, so he’s in week 10). He’s been suffering from flatulence and a white layer on his tongue since a long time. He’s also tired very often, but said that this has always been the case. The white layer on his tongue is the worst on the back of the tongue and has small red spots (where it looks as if the white is not “sticking” to the tongue, so the red would just be the tongue colour itself). After 10 weeks of the strict diet and oil pulling with coconut oil every morning, his tongue has still not cleared up – not even a little bit. He experienced only very little die-off in the first few days (unlike me, he had the molybdenum already when he started the diet): he was feeling nauseous for half a day on two different days, but we were never sure it it really was die-off. After that, he could increase antifungals to a much higher dose than me and never got any die-off anymore, not even after discontinuing molybdenum. His flatulence has improved a bit along with the diet, but not his tongue.
Since the white layer on his tongue is not getting better, my boyfriend is wondering if he has Candida at all and if it’s worth continuing the diet. His work life is not affected by this in any way, so of course his motivation to continue the diet is less strong than for me, but he’d certainly do it if he knew that his tongue will improve eventually. He has not cheated and has followed the same diet/supplement plan I have (see in my other recent post), apart from taking higher doses of antifungals than me.

My question is therefore: are there other conditions than a Candida infestation that can cause a white layer on the tongue? Do you think my boyfriend has Candida or not?

Would be grateful for advice!


Thrush and white tongue are two different things.