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theresa49638 wrote: Some times I think I feel I am having die off, I get so sweaty and sick to my stomach and pain.
I have been eating a LOTS raw Green bell peppers, I got coconut milk and organic oatmeal with no gluten add cinnamon. Chicken every other day,
I eat Tolipa with dust of brown rice flour fried in olive oil, I snack on roasted sun flower seeds, Greek yogurt plain, I add Cinnamon and vanilla beans, steamed or lightly cooked in olive oil green beans or peas, I have been eating some raw carrot but messed my gums up bad. That is about it. I add herbs to every thing I cook.

Teresa, the sunflower seeds can produce mucus (normally already a problem with Candida), plus they can contain mold; I’d leave these alone for at least a few months. Raw carrots really should be left out as well until another month or so down the road.

What type of organic oatmeal do you have? The brand name will be fine.