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You might consider trying oil pulling. Have heard remarkable turns in dental health from daily pulling; though I have slacked with mine and this serves as a reminder of how important it is to get back to pulling. It can completely heal gums and whiten teeth over a period of time. Probably best to pull first thing upon waking, then brush well then consume your morning h2o.

Even read where someone gives their dog a daily spoonful of EV coconut oil and the poochie has excellent oral health and no doggie breath.

Think raster might be onto something with the magnesium. The big tip being your sleep issues as well (deal with those myself). Since the body tends to regenerate at night/sleep, you might consider using a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement before bed. I also suggest looking into iodine supplementation which requires higher doses of daily magnesium, vit-C and selenium to be effective. I have to use either l-trytophan, valerian, melatonin or high doses of ashwaganda/5htp to get significant blocks of sleep. Think this is all tied into the adrenal/thyroids needing support which most of the above really helps: particulary the iodine/magnesium/selenium/vit-C. Had a rough go of it initially but, my low body temps upon rising have started to improve. Heard it can take a month of healing for every year these systems have been worn down so, suppose it’s best to be patient.