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Yeastrol seems sketchy at best as it includes “candida albicans” – really? REALLY!

Ingredients of Yeastrol™

* Bacteria Tinctoria (Wild Indigo) – soothes burning during urination, lessens weakness, and helps bloating
* Thuja occidentalis – for burning sensations in the anus
* Kreosotum – reduces weakness, itching, and irritation of the prostate in men
* Candida parapsilosis – treats vulval itching and helps in treating the white vaginal discharge that sometimes accompanies a Candida yeast infection
* Echinacea Augustifolio (Purple Coneflower) – treats accumulation of mucus in the throat, as well as gastric trouble
* Pyrogenium – normalizes the digestive tract and treats fever
* Mercurius sulphuratus ruber – heals mouth ulcers and treats discharge
* Borax – reduces menstrual pain and helps with the effects of thrush
* Candida Albicans – eases vaginal discomfort and treats vaginal discharge
* Mercurius Cyanatis – treats sore throat and ulcers in the mouth
* Nitricum acidum – eases discomfort while urinating and helps heal mucous membranes in mouth, throat, vagina and anus
* Sulphuricum acidum – For vaginal discharge and hot flushes