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Positivo wrote: hey guys

I just wanted to know if anyone has taken this product and what their thoughts were on it. I would appreciate it as I would like to add another antifungal to my treatment. Im stuck on 10-12 spoons of coconut oil, alternating oregano oil 8 drop twice a day and grapefruit seed extract 15 drops twice a day. SF722 6 pills a day along with garlic a few times a week and paudarco 4 pills a day. Ofcourse im taking molybdenum, just started taking 4 a day.

I am feeling much better this past week. Im on week 10 and the symptoms I have been having are gas, bloating here and there, white coating on tongue which gets better and worse on its own, cant explain that.

Any information would be appreciated everyone thank you. Stay positive.

This one is better. Liquid Caprylic Acid :