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I first had an eye sty last year in the summer time and don’t recall ever getting one before. I am in my 40s. I also last year started to get recurring yeast infections. I got another bad sty (which the doctor called a chalazion or something spelled similarly) this year in another eye lid. Now, I’m wondering if it’s all due to candida! I was living in an apartment that may have had an overgrowth of mold because when first moved in, a pipe burst and caused flooding while I was out of town. My cheap landlord didn’t remediate the mold when I told him about it, but I couldn’t afford to move, so I just lived there for another 2 years. I read on here on another thread about how mold can cause candida to overgrow in your body because it destroys the good bacteria in your body, allowing candida to proliferate. Wow. Why didn’t any of my stupid 5 doctors that I went to see tell me about this? They just kept prescribing diflucan (ob/gyn) and antibiotics and steriods (eye doctors). Well, I am now taking garlic and probiotics, off of all dairy and wheat and sugar.