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Alright everyone, I think i’m noticing a trend here. Today after eating chicken several times throughout the day, i think I have figured out the cause of my nightly stomach aches. I believe I mostly only eat chicken or meat at dinner time. Typicay I eat dinner at 5:30 (which is almost always chicken or salmon) and by 7:30 i’m hving stomach pains. Well today I ate chicken for lunch, between lunch and dinner, and for dinner. Everytime I had the meat, I got bloating afterwards. I think I may have low HCL and it’s prolonging digestion:( I am now sipping some ACV and do feel some relief but not sure if that’s a coincidence. If this is te case, it is probably likely my candida is due to low HCL so for the next few days..enzymes and AVC with each meal for me. Anyone else experience this?! Ouch it hurts!!!!