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Able900;31297 wrote: Couple of things; first, the Candidate should be helping your die-off symptoms, not making them worse. You definitely should start with one pill of the SF722 a day and gradually work your way back up to the ultimate dosage.

What other symptoms are you having?

Since you’re taking both Candidate and Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate you shouldn’t be experiencing that much die-off if any. You can also take saunas or log hot tube baths to sweat the toxins out. Drink lots and lots of water to help with this.


Thanks I just thought maybe between the SF722 and the Candidate being both atifungals were too much and was getting die off from that, but I think i may have started with too much sf722 at once 3 daily with meals but will only take one a day for a week? and they move to 2 a week etc? do you think a weekly increment will be better?

my symptoms are indigestion and stomach discomfort loose stools diarrhea and extreme fatigue, and i been getting panic attacks gush it’s awful 🙁 i read that maybe lactoferrin may help this fatigue? just ordered some too. im affraid to leave the house because i feel so weak and im affraid i may pass out outdoors lol its terrible but i need to laugh at myself…

will also begin adding kefir but i wil start very slowly as my food alergies have gotten badly since i started with this problem so yeah i have to be real careful with new foods 🙂

Im also taking hot baths at home almost daily with epson salts and definitely feel less toxic afterwards, also notice feeling less toxic after every BM, but im sometimes constipated but most often loose stools are more common…

Lastly thank you Able for your guidance and help 🙂