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Then I came home and ate the same type of food I’ve been eating all week; raw organic salad with sprouts, a bit of homeade tahini, and organic olive oil and lemon. All of a sudden I got diahrrea and my whole body started to itch and I’ve got litle red spots everywhere.

Could this be the beginning of die off? If it is I’m relieved. I was beginning to feel stuck and even though my body felt strong, it felt like it was supressing or holding on to something. Now I feel like it can finally release and relax. Does this make sense?

Arielle, those symptoms definitely sound like die-off. This means your body is trying to expel the toxins being released by dying Candida. It’s not at all healthy for your body, so anything you can do to lessen the effect is needed. Saunas and soaks in a tub of hot water are beneficial for removing the toxins as well as Molybdenum.