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Hi mate,
both are very normal in a unbalanced health situation. Already they found 1908 evidence for a guts – brain connection. If there are problems in the intestines you will suffer malnutrion, lack of important minerals and vitamins, energy for the cells and the immunesystem. This weakend state will allow bacteria and fungus to grow and the realease of endotoxins, the gases of fermentation affect the brain. This is quite logical, all these are chemical processes and they are powerfull.

Think about it. A person drinking alcohol or a person taking drugs are using chemicals to alter their state of being. Think what LSD can do to a person. Its only chemicals. Its logical that the endotoxins and poisions the fungus and bacteria are drowning you are having effect.

Even you thought are affecting you. Think about how fear can affect your skin. (sweat, goosebumps, cold, hot,) How the stomach can cramp, how you can become dizzy until you faint etc. Thoughts are powerfull chemical releasers too.

The first step for you is to know that you are not deppressed. You cant be, because you existed before you deppression. And you will still exist when deppression has lifted. That is important to know because if you believe that you are deppression you cant look at it and you cant get rid of it. Its a big difference my friend.
You dont say I am rain either. You can experience rain but you are not rain.
How you deal with the rain is another matter, you can enjoy the rain or hate it but that will not affect yourself you will not hate yourself or become a victim.

The first step is having a attack to sit down and look at the feeling. Its only a feeling – like rain. Next step is not to say that is good or bad. It only is. Dont fight it, dont run away from it but look at it and know that this has come and this will go but you remain. Read about EFT technics, there is a lot on the net and it helps greatly. Then I recomment the book about the diet from Elaine Gottschall to heal your guts.

One important note is to keep it slowly. Dont think that you are in war against candida and you want to kill them quickly. If it goes to quickly it will harm you more than being usefull as your body cant handle all the dying bioflora and its toxins.