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hope4eva77;38862 wrote: hey everyone ive never had anxiety in my life til recently a few months ago and it comes and goes it feels as if i cant breathe and have anxious butterfly’s in my tummy like a school girl on the 1st day or i get really anxious its awefull ,is this another candida symptom ?and what can i do for this ?

You can take an herb called Ashwagandha (two or three capsules a day) for the stress and anxiety. If you have problems sleeping because of this, take 5HTP, you can take up to 100 mg three times a day.

it was right after the midol that my anxiety got so much worse to !

Midol isn’t going to help your situation since the symptoms are coming from the Candida overgrowth, in fact, it’ll only make them worse, as you’ve seen.