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Vegan Catlady;55257 wrote:


I think this is an extremely important topic.
To answer your question YES, I have experienced new symptoms in the past while on natural anti-fungals.

If I could go back in time I probably would have never touched most of the natural anti-fungals knowing how toxic it is for my beneficial flora. Some natural anti-microbials such as oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, Clove oil, etc. are very toxic on our beneficials and further thinning out our bacterial diversity in the gut.

Crippling the guts bacterial diversity will lead to new food sensitives, allergies, and autoimmunity. Further benefiting the yeast that may be present.

Specific species of bacteria are needed for a proper functioning immune system, I believe the majority of “Natural” anti-fungals are toxic to gut flora. The very thing needed for the aggressive and suppressive parts of our immune system.

While some anti-fungals may kill or inhibit certain species of susceptible yeast, Please need to USE CAUTION with these.


I really appreciate that you weighed-in here,Danny.
Your perspective differs from mine, but I think what you had to say was really important.
Im with you,in that if I could go back in time, I would have begun this much differently.

Have you experienced specific foods or vitamins keeping/reverting the candida to its yeast-overgrowth form so that it easier to deal with? (not sure how else to describe that?)

Im not sure how anyone could scientifically measure this to know that is an accurate description of what is happening to them, but I am noticing differences and hope to hear more people talk about it if they have considered that themselves.

While these unnatural doses of natural things may kill candida, I have read where candida in yeast form is much easier to handle than when it goes rooting and deliberately changing the environment based on what we have ingested to kill it.
This mirrors my experience exactly, do you notice any similarities?

Not all species of Candida “morph”. I believe only albicans does this, not Tropicalis, Glabrata, etc.
Yes, I have heard the concept that anti-fungals can drive yeast deeper into the cells making it harder to treat. I can’t validate that.

What makes more sense to me is anti-fungals such as Oil of Oregano is nuking gut flora meanwhile the present yeast maybe resistant to the oregano. It would give more room for yeast to thrive and exacerbate symptoms such as new food sensitivities, environmental allergies, etc.

Before starting anti-fungals I could tolerate many foods then that I am highly sensitive now.
I confirmed Wheat/Gluten, Jalapenos, and Egg sensitivities via blood tests. The smallest amount causes me BAD diarrhea, stomach aches, etc.

Re-inoculating the specific species of flora that digests eggs would eventually cure my egg sensitivities. Re-inoculating with yeast present is the hard part. A healthy person has 200ish species of bacteria, cut that in half by high dose broad spectrum anti-biotics and you have a serious problem.

I’m not telling anybody to drop their anti-fungals but if your yeast is resistant to your current anti-fungal you might be really doing real damage to the friendly little soldiers in your intestines.