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I’ve tried grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil, oil of oregano, black walnut extract, multi-antifungal products (similar to candidapro), etc. All you need is one of these plus maybe black walnut for parasites. I megadosed by taking 30 drops a few times per day, but I slowly worked myself up to those doses after starting out with just a few drops. I had horrible die-off for months afterwards and because I didn’t have a detox plan, those toxins stayed in my body making me feel awful for those few months. I then went to a ND and felt better immediately.

The super milk thistle is likely all you’ll need if you start with SF722 and other natural antifungals at low doses.

There are a variety of probiotics out there, but I recommend high strain high count probiotics. I also recommend probiotics derived from humans…and there is only one available in the us called HMF neuro. This stuff is the best probiotic I’ve tried. Megaflora and renew life are others that are fairly good that I rotated with (I do 2-3 months of HMF neuro and then rotate to a different one).

The parasites will die as you do the diet and take antifungals. I would consider taking special antifungals later in your treatment for a month or so to reduce the parasite numbers. You cannot kill all of the parasites in your body.

As far as adrenal fatigue…this is usually related to thyroid health from my experience and deficiencies in iodine. If you can consult an ND, they can help you heal your thyroid if they know what they are doing. You don’t really need to do anything special on the diet to address this, but you might want to take supplements. I like the standard process products which have been made for over 100 years…so I take drenamin for adrenal fatigue. This is naturopath grade stuff.

I am kind of biased on chelation and think that it can be quite destructive if you try to treat yourself and do it on your own. You also shouldn’t do it while you still have amalgams in your mouth. Additionally, you should chelate naturally as you clean up your body.