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Its kinda up to you on what you do as far as a plan, etc. but basically you can take all of the antifungals you want, and it won’t kill all of the candida. You cannot kill all of the candida in your body, its simply not possible. We need candida to live and function normally, if we killed all of the candida in our bodies, we would die.

The antifungals damage your liver too, and if you damage it by taking high doses of them, then you’ll have to heal your liver seperately at a later time, which lengthens your treatment. This isn’t something you can get over quickly, I tell most people to plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over yeast. Some people just dump the antifungals into their body and they feel horrible…its the worst idea ever (I did it at one time and thats why I am here basically).

I recommend SF722 because it reverts pathogenic candida back to its non-pathogenic form. Its basically the best and safest antifungal from my experience. The coconut oil should contain some undecenoic acid too.

Also, looking at the green vibrance powder…that could be a very problematic supplement to take because of the ingredients. Grasses are a top allergen for people who have CRC (candida related complex) and it could make you feel awful. After 3.5 years on the diet, I don’t think I could even tolerate this stuff at this point…it just contains too many ingredients. If you are allergic to this stuff, you simply wouldn’t know what you are allergic to. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gave you the runs and made you sick, just trying to warn you. Looks like a good product for a perfectly normal person though.

The candidapro is a multi-antifungal and probiotic supplement all in one. I wouldn’t mess with this stuff and here is why; you are overdoing it with the antifungals!:–Why-we-SHOULDNT-do-it.aspx

Don’t get any more antifungals, you have a lifetime supply lol! Maybe save the candidapro for last if you want to fight off parasites, but its gonna be tough on your liver like the other ones.

You’ve got the “nuke the yeast” mentality, but you should really have the “lets slowly erode the candida down” mentality.