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This is what I did and I got way better. I didn’t do antifungals in pill forms. I am 90% symptom free, few minor symptoms and occasional mild die-off if overdoing antifungal foods, and I did not rush with my treatment (I preferred to do it slowly to avoid die-off) but still am so much better. I could live a great happy life even if I stay like this for the rest of my life, but I do still get better, just slowly since I went to the stage two and reintroduced some foods (had complications with auto immune disease that prevented me to stay on the strict diet). If you are able to stick to the strict diet longer and do antifungal foods and do probiotics + prebiotics to rebuild the flora, you should be able to do it faster than me 🙂

I wanted to respond and tell you I did the same, but also wanted to bump this post so others can see it. I think it’s useful information, especially for those struggling on the budget. Better use your money for good quality probiotic and organics than antifungals IMO.

Good luck with your treatment shayfo!