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Thank you for all the helpful replies!

raster – I did make rutabaga “fries” the other day in the oven and they turned out okay, I think I would adjust the cooking time next time. I made turnip ones yesterday and they were PERFECT.

shayfo, able – thanks for the tips on steaming! I will probably never be able to afford that waterless thing, but I just remembered I have one of those steamer attachments that came with my rice cooker…just haven’t used it in years. Will dust that off and give it a go.

I generally don’t boil my veggies, except I stew my greens…I think that’s what it’s called? I put just a little water in the bottom of the pot, boil it, then add the greens and season/cook them until they’re wilted down. I drink the juice from the bottom though, so maybe I’m still retaining the nutrients? I hope so because it’s deeeeelish…the juice is my favorite part, haha. I just cook them until the stems get soft, not mushy.

Sigh…this is such a long learning process…