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Thank u Able for the response !!

you have no idea how much it means to me…i’ve just turned 23 and all of a sudden a lot of things in my life are changing in addition to my decreasing mental health, the physical isn’t helping either.

although i can’t say 100% that i’m sure i have Candida…on the Candida Questionnaire
i scored a lot higher than what was considered normal so i’m going with that. and i will do my best to make it work because i wanna be in control of my body.

all the info on Candida was really overwhelming in the beginning (getting better now)and all my doctors, family and friends are worried about my mental health. my depression has always been a lot milder but it started to get out of control for the reasons stated above plus IBS. so basically they are begging me to take the medication

in one website it said i had to take the toxins out of my body and anti depressants were one of them…so that made me really confused!!
i just hope i won’t sabotage all the effort i will be putting to my diet