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rosekrzyz;40342 wrote: Hi, I’ve just started the cleanse stage of the candida elimination diet as recommended on the this website. I am however taking antidepressants which contain a tiny amount of sugar. I have asked previously the doctor to get it changed over to a different pill but she says that most pills have that tiny amount of sugar in them and the content is so small it would be insignificant. I have been on these for a few months and they seem to be ok with the general candida diet I have been keeping to for a good few years (no sugar,yeast,dairy, etc.)

But will that tiny bit of sugar affect the elimination diet, as I know that carrots and other vegetables higher in sugar are not allowed at first


HI Rose,

It’s really a shame you have to take any type of pharmaceuticals while adhering to this diet. My personal feeling is these pharmaceuticals are destroying the lives of so many people. After spending a good deal of time on this forum I have realized most people became sick from this horrible disease because of pharmaceuticals.

Maybe you could seek out the advice of a good naturopath who has some ideas for what you can do in place of using antidepressants.