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I don’t know if I really believe this stuff about immune shots being required.

I do accept it’s an immune problem. But I think what has happened is we’ve all being through excess stress at some points (whether it was mental / viral or antibiotics etc). And while the immune system has been weakened we have suffered and overgrowth of yeast or bacteria. If our immune system had completely stopped dealing with yeast and bacteria I suspect we would be dead already.

I personally think what you have to do is change your diet (according to the protocol here) and change your mindset / mental attitude to completely remove physical and mental stress from your life. I think that when you do that the body will do what it’s designed to do and will heal itself.

I personally would put more focus and faith and energy into the bodies ability to heal than searching endlessly for a ‘magic bullet’ injection or other miracle cure.

No offense meant to anyone, that’s just my philosophy I wanted to share as I think having faith and not having any anxiety about searching for a special cure is very important to the healing process.