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so do u have any advice? Tonight just doing a lot of thinking, and I think the only reason I got a set back today was because I ate something spoiled. Not sure, plus it was required at work to get a flu immunization. I have been trying to find some functional doctor or something close by that might take insurance that will be just as good as Bernie, but Bernie has gave me so much good advice. Anything you think I should continue? He has got me on pleo’s, pleo alkla, aresenicum album, silicea, and phos x (something like that every other sunday), nux vomica for cheating, drenamin, phostidylserine and mintran for sleep, phytostan or sf722, and similase sensitive stomach digestive enzyme. Oh, and juniper helps a lot, too. It makes me sad, but you guys are lucky that you have no student loans and stuff either. It just sucks!!