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Raster, I do have a consult with Bernie on Oct. 29th. I thought about asking him about only consulting every 2-3 months. Then, that way I can afford any changes he might make. I think I could tolerate that better at that moment. Does he do that with patients? I prob. type something up, and fax it this weekend when I get a chance. Usually, I do to make our visit go smoother.

Yeah, last night, I was trying to decide which supplements benefit me the most, and some things I know I have been given that I don’t think work as well. I think last night I decided which ones have benefited me the most so far, but I’ll see what he has to say. It has helped that I have bought some stuff to save on shipping at times.

However, I will always call him if something urgent comes up. I just know I got to save some money these next few months, and really try to watch my spending. Plus, I want to keep on buying good, organic food! I wish I didn’t live so far away that I could actually meet Bernie. I think that would help, too!