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Is this a naturopath or a medical doctor? All I can say is you are lucky to even be able to find someone that understands things such as adrenal fatiuge/leaky gut/candida. I go to a naturopath that treats my adrenals and thyroid but is useless for candida.

Coconut Bread and Buckwheat arent real food? So what is her definition of real food? Pizza, Ice Cream, Bread? You have to be careful, some naturopaths just want to get you on 50 supplements and dont know much about diet. I once had a doctor tell me that I needed to start drinking Ensure to put on weight. This is after I had explained that I had candida and had to follow a really strict diet. I guess they didnt understand how processed sugars/milk/whey protein isnt the best food for someone with a yeast problem.