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I also cheated over the holidays and ate some bread (wheat) rolls, some fruits, balsamic vinegrette, and pumpkin pie (with sugar and wheat). I only had a slight reaction to the sugar in the pumpkin pie and didn’t really feel anything when I ate the rolls or fruit. I am almost there as well…but so far away! I think once I quit smoking, my gut will be able to heal much much faster…getting close to my goal of quitting soon. I have reduced my smoking to 5 a day from 8-9 a day when I started the diet, so getting real close! Also quit the caffeine (mostly) and drink one green tea and one coffee per week. I used to drink caffeine a whole bunch!

Good stuff Able…glad to hear that you to the giant leap of faith and went for it! I only hope that you can do it again sometime soon and be OK!