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jamesb wrote: Able It would be interesting to know your weight levels before/during the diet and now if you can remember them and of course your height. At what stage did you start putting weight back on/have you?

Hello, James. Sorry I didn’t see this before now.

When I started losing weight I probably weighed around 175 pounds. I remember somewhere along the line realizing that I had lost around 30 pounds, which I did not need to lose. I stopped losing weight when I was finally able to add more calories. That was when I added a lot more coconut oil, started eating lots of coconut bread, coconut manna and adding more fat to my diet with 2 to 3 avocados a day. I remember noticing that if I cut back on the amount of coconut oil even for a few days, my weight would start dropping again. I finally started to actually gain the weight back when I was very close to being cured. I imagine some of you could accomplish that faster, but I seem to burn calories rather easily for some reason; actually this probably has something to do with lots of exercise come to think about it, like tennis and skiing winter and summer, plus the gym a few times a week. Right now I’m back to what I need and want to weigh, and have been at this number for a few months.
At age 34 and 6 ‘1” my weight is now 172 lbs.