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Wow Able – now that’s a test and a half!!!! I nearly fell off my chair when I read your post!

Well done, mate. Really delighted for you that you’ve proven to yourself that you are now Candida free and can perhaps relax a little? As you say, not continue to have a sugar/ carb fest but at least when you dine at a friends house or in a restaurant you can choose off the regular menu! That’s my aim too and your post is the best Christmas present I could have got… the reassurance that if I follow this “protocol” to the letter which I have been (albeit with 1 deviation!) that in time I can enjoy a meal out with a glass of wine… perhaps even a little cheese to follow!

As with you, I never plan to return to a “normal” diet again. (Normal being the accepted Western norm or sugar cereal for breakfast, burger for luhcn and pizza for dinner… and don’t forget the donuts!!). I look forward to continuing to enjoy the healthiest diet I could possibly be eating and to introducing lots more interesting bits over the coming months.

Thanks as always for your valuable input and well done again for beating the beast!!