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Thanks Jackie – I really do feel like I’m getting somewhere now and was so nervous about trying the new things at first… but I’m getting braver! I havent tried brown or red rice yet – just wild rice. It’s very different apparantly. I looked it up and its not a rice as such, but a seed… so thats why I introduced it first.

Clarification – I didn’t eat “fish n chips”… I bought fish n chips for the rest of the family and had about 6 chips myself (no battered fish) with an avocado, some rocket and some homemade mayo! It was still yummy though! But since Able’s confession about the breaded stuff (I’m still dsgusted & appalled haha!!) I may try just 1 mouthful of the breaded the next time. But then again, I don’t think I’ll bother. I’ve far stronger willpower than Able haha!!!

And as you rightly say, and have discovered recently, the diet alone will not lead to being able to reintroduce things after 3 months. In fact, you may never be able to because your candida will just stay dormant under the surface waiting for a little tasty morsel to feed it! You really need to get stuck into some serious anti-fungals (not just the food ones, have you tried Thorne Formula SF 722 – I’ve seen a huge improvement since starting it) and also the strongest DDS1 probiotic you can find. I’ve literally taken every antifungal both food & supplement I could get my hands on and also way over the recommended dosage of probiotics. Also, for a good 2 years before starting this diet I hadn’t eaten any white flour products, very few processed foods (no cakes, cookies, pasta, pizza), no obvious yeast, no sugar (even fruit)… but I had enjoyed wine far too regularly and would have sold my mother for a ripe cheese plate!

You’ll get there – my intention wasn’t to taunt or tease… but to inspire & motivate you towards a similar goal. You will get there… and you know what you have to do to get there.