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(Ok… whoever you are that has hacked into Able’s account and posted such outrageous claims… just back off and give us back the Able we know & love!! Ok, so he’s a bit anal & damn pushy but we’ve kinda grown to like him that way!!)


Sod the white flour… what about that wine?!!!

Seriously though, you’ve come a really long way both physically & mentally since I first “met” you last October. At that stage I remember feeling a little overwhelmed by your unswerving intention to remain exclusively on the diet for the long term, maybe forever. This scared the hell out of me as I was just starting out on the diet and just couldn’t imagine never being able to dine out again and consider myself anyway near “normal” in terms of my eating habits. the thoughts of never again enjoying a steak & chips with a large glass of merlot nearly sent me over the edge!

Your unswerving intentions fuelled me to push on as I thought “well if he can do this, then so can I”.

BUT I really feel that this new you will help the newbies all the more in their dedication to the protocol. It will prove that if you stick to this 100% for a time such as 6, 9 or 12 months(a time which does seem like an eternity to those starting out) and I do mean stick to it exclusively and without even the tiniest cheat… then a positive outcome is inevitable. You proved that you can return to eating normally again, albeit incredibly healthily (but once people educate themselves by reading this forums etc then I think very few, if any will ever return to their old unhealthy habits that caused their condition in the first place?)

Right… seeing as you’re baring your soul, I may as well do the same! I’ve been chosing not to post much recently because I’ve felt a bit of a fraud… I’ve been gradually introducing & testing things and didn’t want to be all “do as I say, not as I do” so have held back on the advice-giving for a while.

So this is what I’ve sucessfully introduced after 3 months exclusively on the diet & antifungal/ probiotic protocol:-
*1 cup of strong filter coffee a week (with a tiny dash of milk)
*2 or 3 white wine spritzers once a week (watered down with the devil’s own carbonated water… adds up to about 1.5 glasses of wine total)
* 1/2 cup Wild rice twice a week
*A handful of chips once a week(as in chunky french fries… but ones from a real fish & chip shop wrapped in newspaper!)
* Shelled Hemp – a small handful about 3 times a week
* Pumpkin seeds – 1/4 cup most days – I blanch in boiling water, coat in coconut oil & himalayan sea salt and blast at high heat to toast & remove any mould
* Almonds – treated as above but I only tried them yesterday and no reaction so far
* Chicken liver pate – 1 crackers worth x twice (it had real butter and some brandy in it)
* I stole half a gluten free pork sausage off my son’s plate!
* I have duck once a week and then use the bones to make a tasty soup which last for 3 lunches
* I eat Lamb once a week as I just missed it too much! A very small lean amount though
* I tried Cassava chips and they are delicious!
* I now use 1/2 a yeastfree veggie stock cube to flavour gravy about once a week (this is a cheat because it has a small amount of soy in it)
* I’m tempted to try mayo next because as you say the acv homemade version just doesnt compare to the real thing! I figure if I can tolerate a tiny amount of vinegar then that will open up the possibilities a bit further?

Things that haven’t worked:-
* I tried a small piece of Edam but my hands flared up straight away… and cracked & bled overnight (what’s pimento cheese? I do miss my cheese so really want to find one I can have tiny tastes of)
* I tried roast pumpkin and I felt immediately tired and had a sicky headache for the day the day after (like a bad hangover)
* I tried 1 measure of vodka and felt exhausted & snappy
* I ate a small pot of regular natural yoghurt (not greek, which I’d been eating) and my scalp started tingling and my face got very flushed
* I ate a fresh tuna steak at about 6 weeks and had a very extreme reaction but think this was a histadine reaction to badly handled fish rather than a candida reaction

Also I’ve eaten out a few times and although I’ve avoided anything obvious I’m sure I’ve ingested nasties.

In terms of my wine consumption I tried wine at 6 weeks and had a massive flare up & set back… I then tried it New Years Eve (was at 9 weeks) and felt fine the next day but was very fatigued for a full week… and it was a full 3 months on the diet when I started having it once a week (and again, I emphasise it’s very diluted and sipped over the course of an evening with food and I also take extra milk thistle, dandelion root and 2 large mugs of lemon tea afterwards and next morning).

For the newbies who are reading this – please, please don’t be tempted to start re-introducing too early. There are dozens of posts on this forum from people who have set themselves back to square 1 by thinking they’re cured and who start to eat “normally” again far too early. I was 99% symptom free for a full month before starting to reintroduce, have introduced tiny amounts of things 1 by one and waited a couple days until trying the next thing. Also note that I haven’t tried anything with gluten, yeast or sugar (except the wine) and don’t intend to for a very long time.

So again, well done Able on such amazing progress and for “coming clean” with us about your new eating/ drinking habits. You’re proof that this protocol works and we’re hugely indebted to you for sharing your experiences, research findings & advice with us. You’ve helped more people that you’ll ever know and I just hope you realise how much we all appreciate it. (Either last night’s wine is still in my system or I’ve gone all soft on you! I’ll stop my sentimental drivle now and get back to my awkward, sarcastic & cheeky self!!!).