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I’ve used ACV for a long time for Candida but it didn’t work by itself. It’s also great for removing external yeast infections and has been used for hundreds of years for that purpose. So it’s no surprise it would have an effect on internal yeast overgrowth.

The trick though is in using Organic ACV, w/the Mother. Filtered will just be high acidity with no enzymes, taking out everything that fights Candida, and replacing it with fermented goodness that Candida will love.

I used Braggs brand of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar w/The Mother. It works well.

I recently switched to another cheap generic brand because I couldn’t make the trip out to the grocery store that carried the Braggs brand. I quickly noticed I LOVED the taste of the cheap brand.. which was the first warning sign. I was having no die off symptoms and no change at all, so I realized the cheap brand was not organic or lacked the enzymes required.

I found the Braggs brand in “upscale” grocery stores. I use at least 2 TB. diluted in about a quart of water, taken 3-5 times daily.