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dvjorge wrote: Regarding to your friendly flora, don’t worry a bit. I have been doing enemas using around 3/4 of gallon of water almost every day for months. If enemas are washing out my flora, I am the first man in this world that will be happy to live without the friendly flora because I feel fantastic, totally normal as I was before this nightmare happened to me. Don’t believe in myths.

This is the one thing that bothers me about what you’re suggesting. What happens when you stop? People here have reported feeling awesome after a colonic and return to feeling absolute shite within a week. How do you know you can maintain what you’ve achieved long-term when you stop the enemas? If you seriously had washed away your flora, you’d just be holding off the inevitable (I’m not saying you have, but you suggested the possibility).

I’d like to see you stop the enemas and return to what you consider a normal diet and lifestyle before judging your ideas. If you remain symptom free indefinitely, then obviously you’ve achieved success, but I find it hard to get excited without that evidence. Others have eliminated their symptoms for long periods with other methods only to have their problems return with a vengeance.