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Hi. Same problem here. Writing to subscribe in case someone replies

Long story short: I have esophogeal candidisis. I don’t think it’s horrible but I know it’s there and endoscopy showed it (i would say it’s not severe at all but on the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, i’d say my situation is at a 6.)

I was FINALLY able to get my hands on diflucan. However, I only have 12 150mg pills of it. That’s 1800mgs total. On one site, I read that for esophogeal candidisis one can take 200 on the first day and take 100 mg every day for 14-21 days.

Now today I took the first 150mg pill. I have 11 more 150mg pills. That’s 1650 mgs left. How should I use the rest? Should I take 150mg a day for 11 more days? Or Should I take 150mg every other day as I read that it stays in the system for several days? That would mean I can take it for 22 more days. Or should I split it and take around 100mg for 16 days? I really want to get rid of this thing, it’s been ruining my life. I also have about 25 days’ worth of CandiGone left which I’m planning on jumping on immediately after my Diflucan course. Is that a good idea? Sorry, don’t mean to hijack your thread but i hope we can both get helpful info and overcome this thing 🙂

I can’t stress it enough how greatful I would be for any tips! Thanks so much!!