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Jo*Jo;43088 wrote: Good luck Cheesey! I’ll be wanting to do this in the next few months so i’ll be interested to see how you get on. I dont know anything about it yet although my nutritionist told me that a dam should be used to catch the mercury, is this right? How much is it costing you?

That is right in theory. Check out this link for the recommend safe removal procedure:

The dentist I am seeing doesn’t actually use a dam. He said that gets in the way of the other equipment he uses for safely removing the filling. Instead of a dam he uses something called a ‘throat sponge’, whatever the hell that is. In addition to that he clamps a little suction thing right around the tooth itself as seen in that link above, I’ll have my own source of clean oxygen piped in through a mask over my nose, i’ll get goggles and all exposed skin will be covered, and finally there will be a huge suction thing right next to my face. Apart from the substitution of the rubber dam for a sponge, it sounds very much like that link above.

The amalgam removal and replacement is £125 which is quite reasonable I think. However, I have to get a £35 initial dental consultation which is a legal requirement as I am not currently a patient of theirs. Moreover, I’m going to have to get a train over to Manchester to get it done as the treatment in Leeds was a little bit sketchy and a lot more expensive.

Here’s a link of the place I am getting it done:
There is no indication that you get your own source of oxygen on the website, but I called them up and they talked me through the procedure.

Are you planning on doing a proper chelation protocol, Jo? Good luck when it comes to doing the research, there is as much conflicting information about amalgam out there as there is about candida.