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Nothing on your list looks unhealthy. Assuming, of course, that you don’t take enormous quantities of this stuff. So in that sense, your list looks safe to me.

The only possible problem I see is that your body (and/or your gut bacteria) will have to adapt to your new food pattern. This adaptation takes some time, and you may experience some (mostly mild) symptoms as a consequence.

If you feel nervous, or if you just want to be safe, you could make the switch more gradually. Let’s say you add the components one by one, or you gradually increase the quantities. That will make the switch easier for your body / your gut bacteria. After all, you’ve been in this situation for at least six months, so I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much whether you start the detox today or next week – which means that you can slowly move to your new diet in the course of a week, perhaps even in the course of the next two weeks.

But then, these are just my thoughts. I immediately admit that I’m no expert in this field, even though I made some very gradual changes to my own food consumption (sometimes even during several months instead of all at once). So I may be wrong, or sub-optimal. Therefore, if any of the experts on this forum has a different opinion, just forget what I wrote here, and follow the experts. And follow your own feelings of course, because no expert knows your body as well as you do.