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Hello, Lucy.

You will benefit from reading completely through the posts which I’m going to post at the end of this information, and at the same time you can start to correct the mistakes you’re making.

Question: Am I eating anything I shouldn’t? I have a question mark over tomato & quinoi as I’ve seen conflicting advice.

Reply: Leave out the quinoa, tomatoes, and snap peas for now.

Question: Should I start my probiotic now? Have Udo’s Super 8.

Reply: No, wait until after the cleanse is over. Are you refrigerating the probiotic you have? You should be.

Question: What is “younger than 6 months” cheese?

Reply: You shouldn’t eat any type of cheese during the entire treatment, unless you make it from kefir.

Question: Yoghurt – when can/ should I eat this?

Reply: You can start very slowly eating either homemade or Organic Non-sweetened Greek Yogurt about a month after starting the cleanse. You can start having homemade kefir as soon as you finish the cleanse.

Question: Coconut Oil – mine is thick live a vaseline – do I eat this off a spoon or continue to use it twice a day in cooking?

Reply: Did you just purchase the oil? It sounds as if it’s still in a solid state from either shipment or cold weather. You can ‘melt’ the oil by placing it in a pan of water and slowly heating it to a very low temperature on your stovetop. Hopefully you purchased a good brand which comes in a glass jar. Of course you can continue to cook with it as is, and it can be taken by mouth in its present state if you wish.

Question: When can I introduce beans & lentils?

Reply: Read the post below below titled “Timeline.”

Question: How long should I wait to introduce a little chicken? And then other meats/ seafood?

Reply: Probably after the cleanse, but you should definitely try to find organic chicken as well as eggs. Make the eggs your main source of protein, and eat chicken and sardines, herring or wild salmon occasionally.

Question: Are there any shop bought breads or crackers I can buy (with 4 kids at home baking is not feasible!!)

Reply: Doubtful. http://www.thecandidadie…lour-Bread.aspx#post4342
Some health food stores carry a millet and flax chip which will be acceptable in small amounts in about two months. You can eat coconut bread as soon as the cleanse is complete.

Question: What is Kefir?

Reply: and

Remarks: If you live in a town or city and drink from the city’s water supply instead of a well, you may want to invest in a good brand of bottled water for a while, at least throughout the cleanse.

I would stop taking Dida which contains starch which will feed the Candida, stick with the garlic.

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