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I thought this was my old thread…LOL..i asked the same thing. found i AM in the right place after self diagnosing myself. i had shortness of breath, IBS, Menieres Disease, RLS, Dizziness, migraines, Chronic fatigue. now i am CFS free..thank God…dizziness is better…that was my chief complaint….not gone but better..and headaches are alot better or gone.shortness of breath went away right soon as i started my diet and taking probiotics and antifungals. i am 3 1/2 months on the diet now..and feeling better. i am at about 60-70% better..some days i fall back to 20-30%…but they are less than they were. i had vaginal yeast infections every two months no matter what i did and now..those are gone. woohoo…no more itching both vaginal and rectal either. you can say it feels like heaven down there now..LOL its a relief. i cant wait to be at 100%. it feels better just to be getting better. in the beginning i thought this was going to take forever and didnt want to be on this diet for along it seems to be just a part of life. i do try new foods sometimes and my body lets me know immediately if its good or not. (i get real dizzy) but if i dont get dizzy..i try that food again. it may be too early for me to be trying foods but…i dont see where it is hurting to find out. if i get a reaction..i dont eat it again. In the beginning, i was weak for weeks into the diet. slept alot…dropped 12 lbs in two weeks. it was major..but now i have leveled off..not really losing weight anymore..not sure why…but i can say..there is hope. the one way i knew it as Candida is when i suffered thru the horrible die off in the beginning. thats how i knew i had candida.. no Dr could diagnose it after 5 Drs.
so try the diet, see if you get better. my IBS is still there but seems slightly better.i think thats gonna take a long time to gt that straightened out. Good luck to ya..