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Before any of us ingest a chemical element which is known as a ‘precious metal’ and normally used for making jewelry, tableware, silverware and coins, maybe just a little research into the metal would be a good idea.

What happens in the body when it’s given a silver compound?

“A silver compound will typically become silver chloride as soon as it hits the stomach. The silver chloride is sparingly soluble, about .8 ppm. The dissolved silver chloride will move into the blood stream and once there will be exposed to chemicals that will induce the silver to plate out on any other silver particles present. However initially there will be no other silver particles present, so the silver chloride circulates in the blood until exposed to light in the skin, where they are photo reduced to silver atoms. This is the photographic process that occurs when you take a picture (with a film camera). Once the silver atoms are produced in the skin, then the rest of the silver chloride will begin reducing onto those particles making them grow very fast, and resulting in many of them getting stuck in the skin. Since the particles are so small, they will appear as black or blue, giving the skin a bluish cast. This is called argyria, and can result from taking silver compounds without any colloidal component.”

Mayo Clinic Report on Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver: Miracle Elixir or Plague …

Research, Side Effects and Risks


Probiotics: Scientific studies show that probiotics are beneficial in preventing infections and illnesses and promoting good health in general, as well as strengthening the body’s immune response. A strong immune system can greatly reduce the occurrence of disease and infection.

Oil of Oregano: Oil of Oregano is a natural antibacterial with antiseptic action and is listed in medical literature and as having the ability of fighting biological toxins. It’s a potent natural antibiotic, in fact, more powerful than a lot of prescription antibiotics.

Honey combined with Cinnamon: The daily use of cinnamon and honey in combination will build up and give power to the immune system strengthening the white blood cells which in turn protects the body from bacteria and viruses.

Garlic: Garlic was long ago proven to be a treatment against bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. This is due to its active compound called allicin, which is very similar to penicillin. Garlic has the ability of fighting both staph and strep infections and other germs that are resistant to traditional antibiotics, and covers a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Echinacea: Echinacea works very similar to garlic, meaning it fights bacteria, fungi and various viruses. It also stimulates our immune system by increasing production of the cells that attack infection.