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Hi there,
I also suffer from low blood sugar and day one and two I felt a bit dizzy and nauseous but I woke up on day three and almost fainted and vomited and extreme dizziness! I normally get little headed in the mornings but as soon as I eat something with sugar and have my coffee I’m fine. I suffer badly from Candida though and want nothing more then to clear it up! I have spent a lot of money on doctors at medication that was “meant” to help but its only gotten worse! My sister said that I should try this diet as it has cleared up her Candida. Anyways all that to say I really want to do this detox and then the candida diet because I’m sick of having Candida but I also don’t want to faint or vomit at work! So is there a good detox that I can do for the first 2or 3 weeks then move on to the normal diet? If anyone knows one step by step that would really help 🙂
And I have been drinking that gross drink with the psyllium husk fibre and bentonite clay but on the other forms people mentioned that its very bad for you. So what should I drink instead? And is olive leaf extract(in drop form) a good anti fungal? If not what is better? Thx so much guys! This sight is a life saver!