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Hello, Angel. Thank you for giving the members some encouragement about the protocol and diet.

I was at Trader Joe’s today and saw Almond butter and decided to purchase it since it was high in calories and I’ve heard people on the forum talk about it. However I read (on the forum) that it has some mold. Can anyone elaborate?

It’s possible for any food made from nuts to contain mold, and a lot of folks receive a reaction of the Candida symptoms after eating nuts. This is a sign that nuts are not a positive factor and shouldn’t be part of a Candida diet.

I was wondering about “antibiotic” creams such as Neosporin. Does this have the same negative effect as oral antibiotics?

Antibiotics in the intestines are the ones that cause problems. The Neosporin shouldn’t be a problem used infrequently.

I was pregnant about 2 and a half years ago. Prior to this I was on a high sugar diet (mainly fruits bec I thought that was healthy) I am wondering if my daughter also has Candida problems because I have it too? During my pregnancy and prior to it, I didn’t suffer from constant UTI and YI, but I did have a very weak immune system. I certainly had a Candida problem but it wasn’t bad.

Your baby wouldn’t automatically have Candida, but it’s possible. Does she have any of the symptoms as far as you can tell?

And finally just some words of encouragement that the diet IS working. Aside from not getting UTI, YI and brain fog when I’m on the diet, several weeks ago all my coworkers who sit around me got a terrible cold. It was so bad that they passed it to their kids. Everyone got sick except me. Years ago I would’ve been the first one sick and I would’ve been bed ridden for days. So this is more proof (for me) that I’m on the right path.

Thank you again for posting this for the members. The fact that you didn’t catch a cold when every else did says a lot about your immune system’s improvement. A lack of common ailments such as colds is sometimes the first clue that the immune system’s ability to work hard at overcoming the infestation as well as other ailments.

Thanks, Able