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I would be very interested in a stricter diet that shortens the duration of the diet. I’m not interested in destroying my liver or killing any more brain cells in the process, so patience AND efficiency AND safety are what I’m shooting for here. So yeah, I’d love to see what you’ve got that could move this process along at a healthy but more rapid rate. If I know what I’m doing is truly working and isn’t hurting me, I can do anything. I have four children and a husband to feed and a life to live, so I need to get serious and be efficient.

Brief history: I tested positive a few months ago for several food allergies. Two years ago I tested negative for ANY allergies. The evidence would suggest I’m dealing with a leaky gut. Also two years ago I was suspicious it was Candida as I had a moldy looking rash that went away and I lost a ton of weight when I stopped eating dairy, sugar and carbs (I had been unable to lose significant weight on any other diets before this one). Unfortunately, I fell off that diet after 6 months when I could no longer think clearly enough to string together a sentence or stand up without almost blacking out and my husband got scared and fed me ice cream (bless his heart). The weight came back on.
I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis in 2001 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome way back in 1994 and last year I suspected adrenal fatigue (extreme salt cravings – that’s improved significantly with vitamin supplements) so the autoimmune response is there as well. Lots of ear infections as a child and later chronic strep with the insuing repeated dosing of antibiotics until the tonsils were taken out finally in ’03. Lastly, I’m currently scheduled to have the four mercury fillings in my teeth removed this month – I’ve had those since I was in elementary school. I’m thinking this is possibly gone beyond my gut and may be systemic, so I’m bracing myself for a long haul recovery. Any help you could give would be excellent.