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Javizy wrote: Does the same go for the low-lactose cheeses I was mentioning before? Cheese seems to be a no-go on most candida diets, but if it’s less than 1% sugar and doesn’t contain mould, would it be safe as a test food later on?

Javizy, just as I wrote to CT, no one is making you adhere to our diet; you didn’t sign a contract when you joined the forum stating that you agree to do what we suggest. The protocol and diet is what it is because it’s been tested many times over by various members, including myself and has established its efficiency in fighting and curing Candida albicans.

If you or anyone else wishes to change the diet, do so, but if you choose to change the foods list to suit your taste, just please don’t come back in a month or so and tell us that the diet doesn’t work and only made you worse

I realy don’t wish to continue explaining the reasons for the diet any further as I think I’ve done that sufficiently in other posts. Now it’s up to each member as to whether or not they wish to follow the diet “as it is written.”