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This is what I get for living on the other side of the world… I’m always asleep or in class when the forum is at its buzziest!

Yes, I can see that as a problem on the forum almost every day, H. I often which it were possible for all countries to be in the same time zone just for the sake of the forum members keeping up with conversations, etc. And if you tell anyone I stated that you just know I’ll have to deny it (stated with humor). And that’s another thing that I seem to have a problem with; I’m so used to inserting humor in conversations that it’s terribly difficult to keep in mind that not everyone on the forum gets our Yankee, somewhat schtick sense of humor. So I usually find myself trying to explain my ridiculous humor .. or else becoming far too “stiff upper lipped” to the point of sounding formal and usually belligerent. Wish I could find a comfortable “in-between.”

Able, I did not realize that there was a difference between “normal” food allergies and “leaky-gut” food allergies (sensitivities?).

Few people do, and that’s often a problem which leads to mistakes for sufferers.

So it’s very interesting to hear that for people in our situation, variety is actually a detriment. I had no idea, and I feel bad for not having any idea, since this is the condition that I’m living and dealing with right now.

Don’t feel bad; what you assumed was logical thinking without enough experience or research. At least you were willing to listen to an explanation. Thanks for that.

… I am extremely grateful for all the information and advice that you’ve given me over these past months.

This simple statement is appreciated more than you imagine, but I’m not the only information source on the site by any means, and none of us who are trying to offer everyone a reply to their concerns could do this without the others. .

I put a lot of trust in the advice you give us, since a lot of the details that aren’t even mentioned in any other candida plan I’ve run into (e.g. no table salt, no soy products) have rung true (table salt, soy products => headaches).

I’m glad you posted that, H, a lot of people refuse to believe the information about soy products that we’ve posted.

I’m still trying to sort through the logic behind the diet you’ve helped create, and my initial question wasn’t accusatory;

Yes, I do understand that. Everyone is trying to learn, and sometimes there’s a fine line between asking for more information and sounding accusatory; just like there’s a fine line between correcting information on the forum in a ‘nice’ manner and sounding belligerent. I didn’t think you were being accusatory.

I assumed you had a solid retort, and you did. And now I feel better about eating a limited number of foods, which was something I was initially concerned about.

I imagine that concern about a more varied diet was your natural health instinct at work. All of us would benefit if we listened to that more often.

Thanks for your post.