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Keya;39995 wrote: – As I understand, almonds and seeds can be eaten at the first stage if they are soaked and roasted? Did I understand this correctly? I haven’t eaten them at all by far, I’m too afraid

That depends on which diet you’re following. If you have the forum diet, you can see that the only nuts or seeds that are on the strict forum diet are organic hemp seeds.

– Oat bran and buckwheat cereal can be eaten raw? I put it in my kefir for breakfast or dinner, is it ok, or should I cook them?

If it’s the correct form of oat bran (which is explained in the strict diet information), yes, you can eat them raw unless it creates digestive problems for you. I personally would prefer to eat either of these in the bread recipes or eaten as a cooked cereal (never overcook your food, this includes vegetables).

– Due to the strict diet, it is allowed to eat two portions of oat bran/buckwheat a day. How exactly big are these portions? How many grams do they contain?

Again, which diet are you speaking of? Do you have the strict diet from me? I generally tell the member to use their inner gage in deciding how much of any particular food to eat. I can’t give you a definite answer because everyone is not the same size nor does everyone require the same number of calories each day. The general rule is, don’t eat more of anything if you’re uncomfortable with the amount.

-As I understood, butter isn’t allowed on the first stage, but ghee is? Or am I wrong?

Again, that depends on the diet you’re following. Butter is not on the forum diet but ghee is acceptable.

– When I’m taking coconut oil, do I count also the dosage I’m using for baking or frying food? As I understood, coconut oil doesn’t change its qualities through cooking processes, so does it count if I use a dosage of about 3 teaspoons for frying eggs in my overall daily dosage of coconut oil? I don’t want my intake of it to be very high, because of the die-off symptoms. So if I take about 8 teaspoons by mouth, and also a couple of teaspoons for frying, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be too much.

In the first few weeks it’s acceptable to count the amount that you cook with, but it must be difficult to know the exact amount you’re actually ingesting. After a few weeks, I would start counting teaspoons taken by mouth. Coconut oil and EVO are two different types of oil, and you need both types. That’s why olive oil is also on the strict diet. If you follow the forum protocol it explains how to take the coconut oil to prevent or at least lessens the die-off that could possibly be caused by coconut oil.