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This is what I get for living on the other side of the world… I’m always asleep or in class when the forum is at its buzziest!

Able, I did not realize that there was a difference between “normal” food allergies and “leaky-gut” food allergies (sensitivities?). The research I had read on “normal” food allergy formation pointed to a lack of variety in the diet and frequent exposure to certain foods. So it’s very interesting to hear that for people in our situation, variety is actually a detriment. I had no idea, and I feel bad for not having any idea, since this is the condition that I’m living and dealing with right now.

I have no intention of straying from the diet plan you’ve laid out, since it has done wonders in clearing up my symptoms! And I am extremely grateful for all the information and advice that you’ve given me over these past months. I put a lot of trust in the advice you give us, since a lot of the details that aren’t even mentioned in any other candida plan I’ve run into (e.g. no table salt, no soy products) have rung true (table salt, soy products => headaches).

I’m still trying to sort through the logic behind the diet you’ve helped create, and my initial question wasn’t accusatory; I assumed you had a solid retort, and you did. And now I feel better about eating a limited number of foods, which was something I was initially concerned about.