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Quote: Yesterday, I think I had a mild reaction from one of the following: non-organic eggs (I got desperate), cumin, lemon juice, new brand of oregano, new brand of vitamin C.

Reply: Of the products you’ve named, the non-organic eggs probably have the best chance of giving any type of reaction because of the antibiotics they contain.

Quote: Is there any reason other fish were left off the list, other than mercury/over-fishing concerns?

Reply: There’s no real reason other than the fact that the ones you’ve named are not that common in America. The other reason is of course the ones named are lower in mercury. The seafood you’re talking about in Japan is probably fresh, and you seem knowledgeable about the ones with lower mercury contents, so I see no reason not to eat these for your protein source.

Quote: …cumin, which I got for a recipe, but is a pleasant addition to the turmeric, oregano, salt and pepper, and garlic powder. I notice it’s not on the list… any particular reason why?

Reply: A lot of herbs that are acceptable for a Candida diet were left off of the list. I’m adding them as they are mentioned, providing they’re acceptable. I just researched cumin, and in one particular study black cumin seed extract was shown to inhibit the growth of Candida albicans; so it’s apparently another herb containing antifungal properties. It’s now been added to the list.

Thanks, Able