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Able900 wrote:

A previous study conducted by Lack seems to confirm this hypothesis, having shown that Jewish children living in the UK are about ten times more likely to develop a peanut allergy than Jewish children living in Israel. Israeli children, of course, eat and are exposed to far more peanut products than children in the UK, and yet their rate of peanut allergy is far lower (…)

Marbro, I assume you’re talking about children who do not have a Candida infestation or leaky-gut-induced allergies.
If so, read my post above.


Yes because there is no research that I am aware of that tracks food allergies, food exposure to repetition and lack of variety and its effect on a candida diet. That is not to say that Himawari doesn’t bring up a good point. Avoiding food due to possible allergies while our immune systems are fighting candida may not be so simple. In fact food repetition and lack of exposer to a variety of different foods might also play a hand in increasing the risk of food allergies. It’s just an alternative view to one you propose. Nothing more.

People can make up their own minds as to how to follow the diet as you point out often.